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Steel industry
Oxy fuel cutting machine at full power !

One of the activities of one of our clients is to cut steel blooms of to facilitate recasting.

Satisfied with our previous achievements, our Client trust again RITECS to design and manufcature a special oxy fuel cutting machine to replace 2 old machines.

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Test bench for aircraft landing gear

This test bench is designed to measure the 3-axis forces during tests of landing gear.

The challenge was to integrate in an extremely small space a 3-axis sensor able to measure 1500 kN force on Z-axis, 800 kN on X-axis and 600 kN on Y-axis.

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Steel industry
Trailer with embedded weighing system

Thanks to its know-how in the field of weighing and its industrial experience, RITECS offers reliable solutions, such as this 100-ton capacity trailer pulled by a terminal tractor.

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Test bench for agronomics

The pollution of groundwater due to intensive use of organic fertilizer is a major environmental concern.

In collaboration with a research laboratory in agronomic sector, we designed a unique system in the world to map the amount of material deposited during soil amendments.

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Robot arm with built-in weighing system

When installations having contaminated areas are dismantled, the exact knowledge of the mass of radioactive material handled is crucial.

Upon request of our client, we designed and embedded a weighing system on the arm of a robot.

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High accuracy weighing for standard weights

First links of the metrologic chain,  verification of standard masses requires the highest possible accuracy.

RITECS has used all its know-how to meet this challenge.

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Portable weighing system

Whatever its goal, humanitarian (loading of food) or military (lequipment loading), any airborne support imperatively requires perfect control of loads.

Unfortunately some loading location ( improvised airport, isolated track ...) are totally devoid of weighing systems.

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Compact weighing plateforms

Car manufacturers use a lot of ingenuity to improve active and passive safety of our cars.

But any idea, as great as it could be,  needs to be prototyped and validated with accurate and reliable measurement systems.

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RITECS: a known and recognized expertise in cement business !

With over 10 years of experience in cement market, RITECS knows perfectly all processes of production, and is able to develop tailored technical solutions for dosing, weighing, conveying, ... specific to such harsh environments.

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Stainless steel weighing pallet truck

You need to prepare a recipe with many ingredients?

Two solutions: either you multiply the number of weighing systems in your facilities, increasing by the way all related costs (purchases, monitoring, maintenance, ...) or you decide to invest in a weighing pallet truck designed by RITECS !

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Innovation without borders !
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Oxy cutting at full power !
One of the activities of one of our clients is to cut steel blooms of to facilitate recasting. Satisfied with our previous achievements, our… Read more >


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RITECS committed in Quality and Safety !
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New premises !
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